Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revise conforming thoughts

Live beyond irrational thoughts
try to develop inner self-- challenge the mind.

Humans attach significance to the body, limiting space to the material world.
Reality shows-humans behave more civilly to one another when not on screen.

Behind the scenes, communities are born thriving in exercises in compassion

Become a free thinker in the world of mind control,
it is possible to turn off the noise, travel an amazing path,
pick up cosmic soulmates to share this walk, learn to sit beside a river
watch its eternal flow—

Words as description,
this moment cannot be captured until eyes
open wide in knowledge of the present.

Experience the here and now
feel the chill of winter Mother provides,
listen as river rolls over branches,
watch flowers nurtured by spring rains along her banks blossom
enjoy the warmth of summer days by cooling in her waters,
notice the green on trees, knowing autumn will usher in change,

Awaken in peace.

Friday, February 5, 2010


be in peace with all
find none to call enemy
seek strength in silence

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

so important

let go of anger. there are many incredible
things to see. days race by turning into years
so quickly. feel the sun warm your skin on
a cool autumn morning. look at the joy in a
child's eyes when greeted with a smile. we are
mirrors to our children, let them know we
are happy. the moments when they're young are
so important.

Friday, October 9, 2009

John the Prophet

"War is over." I tell my son.
Then I tell him of the man on my tee shirt he calls "Jun."

His journey began in a port town,
where ships brought dreams and rock and roll across the ocean.
He made some friends who helped him change the world
with the music they made.

His fame gave him access to generations
of revolutionaries. This is a time of change.
Forty years ago, John Lennon spoke out against the war in Vietnam.
His voice and dream entered the imaginations of those who listen.

A peaceful revolution awakens this day,
Harvesting the seeds of yesterday as people from around the world gather.
So many of us want Peace, John delivered the message,
we need only "Imagine" its possibility.

He told the world Peace is ours if we want it.
The time has arrived to carry on this message.
Today, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace.

As we celebrate the birthday of a peaceful soul,
may John's dream of a world where "War is Over" be the one
President Obama achieves with this award of Peace. The world wants it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Global warming

Why am I like this?
Where did I originate?
How do I get back?

Dreamer awakens.
Transcending through instructions
for helping the world.

We are connected
to all beings on this earth
living together.

Sharing one mother
recognizing her beauty
life's variety.

Those with wings to soar
fascinate us with true flight
beauty, gracefulness

While those that slither
captivate our deepest thoughts
our closeness to earth

Most of our planet
inhabited by creatures
in rivers and seas

Graciously sharing
their cooling waters to keep
temperatures mild

Monday, May 25, 2009


I went to a church yesterday that made me think back to childhood memories at our cottage. At this church we sat outside with other families with children. The day was beautiful and Fyn slept on my chest as we listened to the sound system set up outside. A man's voice came on that reminded me of the voices of the cottage.

My grandma's brothers all shared the voice of the speaker who talked of his mission trips to far off lands. His voice so similar to my Uncle Don, my great uncle that passed so suddenly three weeks ago, and his message so familiar. His voice echoing childhood voices I grew up with at cottage functions, but had fallen out of touch with for so many years.

I met Don all over again last fall as he was taking on the challenge of my father. He said he understood the battle with alcoholism my dad has succumbed to and he was willing to look out for this man that was once a baby in his arms. This challenge is understood by many people that have witnessed the damage this disease brings to family and loved ones. I respect my uncle's desire to help this man that refuses help.

Reaching back into those memories took me to a cottage on a lake where so many happy memories were created. My Uncle Gordy returned to my thoughts as I remembered his stories of my Uncle Don. Gordy was my childhood companion, one of the magical people that never seem to grow beyond childhood mentally. We spent summer nights sitting beneath magnificent skies listening to baseball games on the radio. Between innings he talked of his brothers and sisters, their kids, and grandkids. I remember the love in his voice as he talked of his incredible family.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Origin stretching backwards
living and existing in a natural world.

Like a plant, our roots dig deep into the earth,
nurturing us with minerals and water.

We are organic beings using nature
to live, to grow, to survive.

In environments diverse around the world,
insects, plants, and animals adapt to global changes.

As this beautiful planet
three quarters covered with life giving water
cycles her way through seasons,
Discover connections linking us to all living things.

Please help our Mother,
she's the most beautiful in the Universe.

Our choices impact all beings. Love completely,
filling all with energy and power.

Live in tune with nature. Silence the noise,
create beautiful pieces of art.