Saturday, March 13, 2010

Revise conforming thoughts

Live beyond irrational thoughts
try to develop inner self-- challenge the mind.

Humans attach significance to the body, limiting space to the material world.
Reality shows-humans behave more civilly to one another when not on screen.

Behind the scenes, communities are born thriving in exercises in compassion

Become a free thinker in the world of mind control,
it is possible to turn off the noise, travel an amazing path,
pick up cosmic soulmates to share this walk, learn to sit beside a river
watch its eternal flow—

Words as description,
this moment cannot be captured until eyes
open wide in knowledge of the present.

Experience the here and now
feel the chill of winter Mother provides,
listen as river rolls over branches,
watch flowers nurtured by spring rains along her banks blossom
enjoy the warmth of summer days by cooling in her waters,
notice the green on trees, knowing autumn will usher in change,

Awaken in peace.

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